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Last Update:Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rubrics for November 2015

Sunday Fixed

Hymn of the Incarnation, Version #1, p10

The Little Entrance, Sunday Alternate, p16

Tropar, Kondak, Birthgiver Hymns (see appropriate day below) Trisagion, Version #1, p18 Prokimen (see appropriate day below) Alleluia, Version #2 p23

Cherubic Hymn, Version #1 p27 and p33

Holy, Holy, Holy, (see appropriate day below)

The Lord’s Prayer #3 p54

Communion Hymns, (see appropriate day below)

After Communion Response (sing both versions repeat as necessary) p64

Thanksgiving Hymn, Version #1, p65

Amvon Prayer Response, Version #1, p69


1st | Tone 5 | Holy Unmercenaries Cosmas & Damian
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p93, St Thomas, Saints; Kondak p93, St Thomas; Glory...Saints; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p95; Alleluia verses p95; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymn #1 p59

8th | Tone 6 | Synaxis of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Rapahael, Jegudiel & Barachiel
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p96, St Thomas, P116; Kondak p96; St Thomas; Glory...P116; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p117; Alleluia verses 117; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn p117.


15th | Tone 7 | Martyrs Gurias, Samonas, & Abibas of Edessa
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p99; Apostle; Kondak p99; Glory... Apostle, Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p101; Alleluia verses p101; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymn #1 p59

22nd | Tone 8 | Afterfeast Entry of Theotokos / Apostles Philemon, Archippus, & Onesimus
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p102, Feast p119; St Thomas, Apostles; Kondak p102; St Thomas; Glory...Apostles; Now and ever... Feast p119; Prokimen p119; Alleluia verses p119; Thrice Holy #1 p 41; Instead of “You are truly deserving...” do the Glorification & Irmos p120; Communion Hymns #1 p59 & p121

29th | Tone 1 | Martyr Paramon
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p81, St Thomas; Kondak p81; Glory... St Thomas; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p83; Alleluia verses p83; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymn #1 p59


Troparia & Kontakia

Troparion of St. Thomas - Tone 2
You were a disciple of Christ, a member of the divine assembly of the Apostles, / for you made certain the Resurrection of Christ through your disbelief, / and verified His all-pure Passion by your touch, O all-praised Thomas, / beseech now peace and great mercy for our souls!

Kontakion of St. Thomas - Tone 4
Thomas, disciple of Christ and His faithful servant, / filled with divine Grace, /
cried out in the sincerity of his love, / “You are my Lord and my God.”

O Unashamed Intercessor- Tone 6
O unashamed Intercessor of Christians, / ever loyal advocate before the Creator, / do not disregard the prayerful voice of sinners / but in your goodness hasten to assist us / who trustfully cry out to you: / Intercede always O Mother of God, / in behalf of those who honor you.


Propers for the Days

1st – Unmercenaries Cosmas & Damian

Troparion - Tone 8
Holy unmercenaries and wonder workers, / Cosmas and Damian, heal our infirmities.
/ Freely you have received; freely you give to us.
Kontakion - Tone 2
Having received the grace of healing, / you grant healing to those in need. / Glorious wonder workers and healers, Cosmas and Damian, / visit us and put down the insolence of our enemies, / and bring healing to the world through your miracles.

15th – Martyrs Gurias, Samonas, & Abibas of Edessa

Troparion - Tone 5
O Christ our God, You have granted us the miracles of Your holy martyrs / Gurias, Samonas and Abibas, / as a stronghold and protection. / Through their prayers, strengthen those in authority in every good deed, / for You alone are merciful and the Lover of mankind!
Kontakion - Tone 2
You received grace from on high, all-praised martyrs, / and you intercede for those in the midst of temptations! / Therefore, holy ones, you freed a young woman from bitter death. / You are indeed the glory of Edessa and the joy of the world!

22nd – Apostles Philemon, Archippus, & Onesimus

Troparion - Tone 4
The four Apostles of Christ who were chosen by God, / Philemon and Archippus with Apphia and Onesimus, / shone with the light of knowledge on those in darkness; / they contested and destroyed error and now pray to the Lord for us all.
Kontakion - Tone 2
We praise Philemon, Onesimus, Archippus and Apphia, / as bright stars illumining the world;/ and we cry: Pray unceasingly for us all.






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