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Last Update:Wed. June 3, 2015

Rubrics for June 2015

Sunday Fixed
Hymn of the Incarnation, Version #1, p10

The Little Entrance, Sunday Alternate, p16

Tropar, Kondak (see appropriate day below)

Trisagion, Version, #1, p18
Prokimen (see appropriate day below)

Alleluia, Version #2 p23

Cherubic Hymn, Version #1 p27 and p33

Holy, Holy, Holy, (see appropriate day below)

The Lord’s Prayer #3 p54
Communion Hymns, (see appropriate day below)

After Communion Response (sing both versions repeat as necessary) p64

Thanksgiving Hymn, Version #1, p65

Amvon Prayer Response, Version #1, p69




7th | 1st Sunday after Pentecost | Tone 8 | All Saints
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropars p217; Kondak Glory... Now and ever... p217; Prokimen p218; Alleluia verses p218; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymns #1 p59 and #4 p60
Beginning of the Apostles' Fast

14th | Tone 1 | All Saints of Carpatho-Rus
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p81 and Saints; Kondak p81 Glory... Saints; Now and ever... O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p83; Alleluia verses p83; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymns #1 p59 and #4 p60

21st | Tone 2 | Martyr Julian of Tarsus
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p84, Martyr; Kondak p84, Glory...Martyr; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p86; Alleluia verses p86; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymn #1 p59

28th | Tone 3 | Translation of the relics of Holy Unmercenaries Cyrus and John
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p87, Saints; Kondak p87, Glory...Saints; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p162; Alleluia verses p162; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn #1 p59






Troparia & Kontakia and Propers for the Day

                                Troparia & Kontakia for June 2015

Troparion of St. Thomas -Tone 2

You were a disciple of Christ, a member of the divine assembly of the Apostles, / for you made certain the Resurrection of Christ through your disbelief, / and verified His all-pure Passion by your touch, O all-praised Thomas, / beseech now peace and great mercy for our souls!

Kontakion of St. Thomas - Tone 4

Thomas, disciple of Christ and His faithful servant, / filled with divine Grace, /
cried out in the sincerity of his love, / “You are my Lord and my God.”


O Unashamed Intercessor - Tone 6

O unashamed Intercessor of Christians, / ever loyal advocate before the Creator, / do not disregard the prayerful voice of sinners / but in your goodness hasten to assist us / who trustfully cry out to you: / Intercede always O Mother of God, / in behalf of those who honor you.


14th – Saints of Carpatho-Rus
Troparion - Tone 8

 As a beautiful fruit of the sowing of Your Salvation / the land of Carpatho-Rus offers to You, O Lord / all the Saints that have shone in it. / By their prayers keep the Church and their homeland in deep peace / through the Mother of God, O Most Merciful One.


Kontakion - Tone 3

Today the choir of the Saints who pleased God in their homeland / stands before us in Church and invisibly prays for us to God. / With them the angels glorify Him / all the Saints of the Church of Christ keep festival with them and together they pray for us to the Eternal God


21st – Martyr Julian of Tarsus
Troparion - Tone 5

 O inspired Julian, / your mother guided you to become a glorious soldier of Christ. / You were clad in spiritual armour; / therefore you entered the contest and destroyed the enemy, / and now you intercede for us all.


Kontakion - Tone 2

 Today we all praise Julian the unconquerable holy warrior, / the champion and vessel of truth to whom we cry: / Intercede with Christ our God for us all.


28th – Holy Unmercenaries Cyrus and John
Troparion - Tone 2

 O holy unmercenaries Cyrus and John, / you have the grace of healing, and you heal all those in need, / for you were made worthy of the great gifts of God. / Christ our Savior, the ever-flowing source of all healing worked through you. / The Lord said to you, as equals to the Apostles: / Behold I have given you power over the unclean spirits, power to dispel them, / and heal every illness and infirmity. / By this, you have given healing of the infirmities of souls and bodies.


Kontakion - Tone 2

 Inspired by generosity of spirit, you served all without recompense. / Freely you received, O holy ones, so now you give freely to us; / Come visit us and fill our every need. / As in past times you freely healed the ills of all who sought your help, / show your concern for us as well and obtain for us health of mind and spirit and victory over all evil.

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