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Last Update:Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sunday Fixed

Rubrics for January 2015

Sunday Fixed

Hymn of the Incarnation, Version #1, p10

The Little Entrance, Sunday Alternate, p16

Tropar, Kondaks (see appropriate day below)

Trisagion, Version #1, p18

Prokimen (see appropriate day below)

Alleluia, Version #2 p23

Cherubic Hymn, Version #1 p27 and p33

Holy, Holy, Holy, (see appropriate day below)

The Lord’s Prayer #3 p54

Communion Hymns, (see appropriate day below)

After Communion Response (sing both versions repeat as necessary) p64

Thanksgiving Hymn, Version #1, p65

Amvon Prayer Response, Version #1, p69


4th | Tone 5 | Sunday before Theophany | Synaxis of the 70 Apostles                         Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar Pg 93, Forefeast p142, St. Thomas, Apostles; Kondak p93, St Thomas, Glory... Apostles; Now and ever... Forefeast p142; Prokimen p142; Alleluia verses p142; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn #1 p59

6th | Holy Theophany & Great Blessing of Water (Monday evening)
Theophany Vigil (separate book) in place of Matins followed by: Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Antiphons p145; Instead of “O come let us adore” we sing Entrance Hymn p146; Tropar Feast p146; Glory...Now and ever... Kondak Feast p146; Instead of the Trisagion we sing “As many as have been baptized...” p21; Prokimen p147; Alleluia verses p147; Thrice Holy #5 p43; Instead of “It is Truly Meet...” we do the Glorification and Irmos p147; Communion Hymn p148; Amvon prayer p148

11th | Tone 6 | Sunday after Theophany | St. Theodosius the Great
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Antiphons p145; Tropar p96, Feast p146, Saint; Kondak p96, Glory...Saint; Now and ever...Feast p146; Prokimen p150; Alleluia verses p150; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn p150 & #1 p59

18th | Tone 7 | Sts. Athanasius & Cyril
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p99, St. Thomas, Saints; Kondak; p99, St. Thomas, Saints (1), Glory... Saints (2); Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p101; Alleluia verses p101; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymn #1 p59

25th | Tone 8 | St. Gregory the Theologian
Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom): Tropar p102, Saint; Kondak; p102, Glory... Saint; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p104; Alleluia verses p104; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn #1 p59





Troparia & Kontakia and Propers for the Day

                                Troparia & Kontakia for January 2015

Troparion of St. Thomas - Tone 2

You were a disciple of Christ, a member of the divine assembly of the Apostles, / for you made certain the Resurrection of Christ through your disbelief, / and verified His all-pure Passion by your touch, O all-praised Thomas, / beseech now peace and great mercy for our souls!


Kontakion of St. Thomas - Tone 4


Thomas, disciple of Christ and His faithful servant, / filled with divine Grace, / cried out in the sincerity of his love, / “You are my Lord and my God.”


O Unashamed Intercessor - Tone 6


O unashamed Intercessor of Christians, / ever loyal advocate before the Creator, / do not disregard the prayerful voice of sinners / but in your goodness hasten to assist us / who trustfully cry out to you: / Intercede always O Mother of God, / in behalf of those who honor you.


Propers for the Days


4th – Synaxis of the 70
Troparion - Tone 3


With divine faith you caught the nations, / O Seventy Apostles of the Lord; / and you lead them into the knowledge of God / as those who had received the grace of the Spirit. / O inspired initiates, intercede with Christ our God // that He grant us His great mercy.


Kontakion - Tone 2


Let us praise the choirs of Christ's Seventy Disciples,/ and celebrate their festival, O faithful. / They have taught us to worship the Undivided Trinity; / for they are divine lamps of the Faith.


11th – St. Theodosius
Troparion - Tone 5


You shone forth in God-given virtues, O righteous Theodosius, / and you were an illustrious model of the monastic life. / You were seen as a God-like light and leader, / the emulator of Angels and servant of the Trinity. // Pray to God unceasingly to have mercy on our souls.


Kontakion - Tone 8


You were planted in the courts of the Lord, / and blossomed with holy virtues; / you increased your children in the desert / and irrigate it with the rain of your tears, / O Shepherd of God's divine sheep folds. // Wherefore we cry: O Father Theodosius, rejoice.


18th – Sts Athanasius & Cyril
Troparion - Tone 3


You shone with words of Orthodoxy and quench all heresy, / and became victorious trophy-bearers. / You enriched all things with piety and greatly adorned the Church, / and worthily found Christ our God; // by your prayers He grants mercy to all.


Kontakion - Tone 4


Great Hierarchs and champions of Christ's Church, / preserve all who sing: // O compassionate Lord, save those who with faith honor you!


Kontakion - Tone 2


Planting Orthodox doctrine, / you cut down the tares of heresy,/ causing the seed of faith to increase/ through the rain of the Spirit, O ven’rable one.// Wherefore, we hymn you, O Athanasius.


25th – St. Gregory the Theologian
Troparion - Tone 1


The sweet-sounding shepherd's pipe of your theology / overpowered the trumpeting of the orators; / for having searched the depths of the Spirit / eloquence was also bestowed upon you. // Intercede with Christ our God / that our souls may be saved, O Father Gregory.


Kontakion - Tone 3


With your theologian's speech / you dispelled the philosopher's cobwebs, O glo-rious Gregory; / and you adorn the robe of Orthodoxy woven for the Church from on high. / Wearing this, she cries out with us your children:// Rejoice, O Father, most excellent mind of theology.

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