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Last Update:Monday October 31, 2016

Rubrics for November, 2016

Sunday Fixed

Hymn of the Incarnation, Version #1, p10

The Little Entrance, Sunday Alternate, p16

Tropar, Kondak, Birthgiver Hymns (see appropriate day below) Trisagion, Version #1, p18

Prokimen (see appropriate day below) Alleluia, Version #2 p23

Cherubic Hymn, Version #1 p27 and p33

Holy, Holy, Holy, (see appropriate day below) The Lord’s Prayer #3 p54

Communion Hymns, (see appropriate day below) After Communion Response (sing both versions repeat as necessary) p64

Thanksgiving Hymn, Version #1, p65

Amvon Prayer Response, Version #1, p69





6th | Tone 3 | St Paul the Confessor
Liturgy (St. John): Tropar p87, St Thomas, Saint; Kondak p87, St Thomas; Glory...Saint; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p89; Alleluia verses p89; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn #1 p59

13th | Tone 4 | St John Chrysostom
Liturgy (St. John): Tropar p90, Saint; Kondak p90; Glory...Saint; Now and ever...O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p92; Alleluia verses 92; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymns #1 p51 & #4 p52.


20th | Tone 5 | Forefeast of the Entry of the Theotokos | St Gregory Decapolites
Liturgy (St. John): Tropar p93; Forefeast, St Thomas, Saint; Kondak p93, St Thomas; Glory... Saint, Now and ever...Forefeast; Prokimen p95; Alleluia verses p95; Thrice Holy #1 p41; Communion Hymn #1 p59

27th | Tone 6 | Great Martyr James of Persia
Liturgy (St. John): Tropar p96; St Thomas, Martyr; Kondak p96; St Thomas; Glory...Martyr; Now and ever... O Unashamed Intercessor; Prokimen p98; Alleluia verses p98; Thrice Holy #2 p42; Communion Hymn #1 p59



Propers for the Day

Propers for the Day

6th – St Paul the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople

Troparion - Tone 3
You were shown to the Church as another Paul / and a zealot among priests by the confession of the Faith./ Abel and the blood of Zacharias cry with you unto the Lord. / O righteous Father, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion - Tone 2
You shone on earth as a star from heaven, O Paul, / and now enlighten the Church for which you suffered and laid down your life./ Your innocent blood cries out to the Lord / with that of Abel and Zacharias.

13th – St John Chrysostom

Troparion - Tone 8
Grace shining forth from your lips like a beacon has enlightened the universe. / It has shown to the world the riches of poverty; / it has revealed to us the heights of humility. / Teaching us by your words, O Father John Chrysostom, / intercede before the Word, Christ our God, to save our souls!

Kontakion - Tone 6
Having received divine grace from heaven, / with your mouth you teach all men to worship one God in Trinity. / All-blest and venerable John Chrysostom, we worthily praise you, / for you are our teacher, revealing things divine!

20th – Forefeast of the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple | St Gregory Decapolites

Troparion for the Forefeast - Tone 4
Today Anna bequeaths joy to all instead of sorrow / by bringing forth her fruit, the only ever-Virgin. / In fulfillment of her vow, / today with joy she brings to the temple of the Lord / the true temple and pure Mother of God the Word.

Troparion for St Gregory- Tone 4
The twofold lamps of divine gifts, / Proclus, shepherd of New Rome, and Gregory, scion of Decapolis, / guide us by the light of grace as divinely-inspired fathers. / Let us draw near and eagerly beseech them, / that we may receive forgiveness and salvation of our souls.

Kontakion for St Gregory - Tone 3
The Church knows you to be a brilliant sun / enlightening all with the rays of healing and the beauty of virtue. / Therefore, as we celebrate your honored memory, / we glorify your struggles, ever-blest and all-wise father Gregory.

Kontakion for the Forefeast - Tone 4
Today the universe is filled with joy / at the glorious feast of the Mother of God, / and cries out: “She
is the heavenly tabernacle.”

27th – Great Martyr James of Persia


Troparion - Tone 4
You astounded all, long-suffering James, by enduring horrible tortures with great patience. / As the evil assembly performed the slaughter, / you uttered prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord. / Through your sufferings you received your crown, / and came to the throne of the heavenly King, Christ God. / Entreat Him to save our souls!


Kontakion - Tone 2
You listened to your faithful wife / and contemplated the judgment of God, holy James; / you despised the threats and commands of the Persians, / accepting the cutting of your body as though you were a vine. / Therefore you were revealed as a martyr worthy of honor.


Troparia & Kontakia for March 2016

Troparion of St. Thomas - Tone 2
You were a disciple of Christ, a member of the divine assembly of the Apostles, / for you made certain the Resurrection of Christ through your disbelief, / and verified His all-pure Passion by your touch, O all-praised Thomas, / beseech now peace and great mercy for our souls!

Kontakion of St. Thomas - Tone 4
Thomas, disciple of Christ and His faithful servant, / filled with divine Grace, /
cried out in the sincerity of his love, / “You are my Lord and my God.”

O Unashamed Intercessor- Tone 6
O unashamed Intercessor of Christians, / ever loyal advocate before the Creator, / do not disregard the prayerful voice of sinners / but in your goodness hasten to assist us / who trustfully cry out to you: / Intercede always O Mother of God, / in behalf of those who honor you.

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