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Checklist for Sunday Fellowship

1. Take refreshments downstairs and make preparations before services begin. (Try not to let hosting the fellowship hour make you late for services!)
 2. Plug Coffee machine in and turn sign to ‘ON.’ See sign above machine for coffee making instructions.
 3. Put out refreshments, plates, napkins, and utensils as necessary. Extra supplies in furnace room.
 4. Check refrigerator, microwave, and tins for leftover beverages, chips, pretzels, cookies, etc., and use if appropriate. You may be able to check this the week before you are scheduled.
 5. Put out cups, creamer, and sugar for coffee, tea and cold drinks.
1. Pour cold drinks for children.
 2. Replenish napkins, utensils, plates, etc. as needed.
 3. Smile - it’s contagious!
1. Clear all items from tables, and wipe down tables and chairs with 409 or window cleaner so they’re ready for next time.
 2. Wash out coffee pots, and make certain coffee machine is unplugged; turn sign to ‘OFF.’
 3. Either wash cups in sink or wash in dishwasher (upstairs in kitchen).
 4. Empty trash containers from social area and bathroom and put fresh trash bags into containers. Either take trash bags and recyclables home or place them in outside containers.
 5. Vacuum or sweep floor throughout social area, Sunday school rooms and bathroom, and straighten out chairs.
 6. Clean bathroom sink and toilet.
 7. If paper or plastic supplies are low, please make a note on large social calendar shopping list.
 8. Turn thermostat down to 55 in winter.
 9. If you’re the last to leave, please turn on the alarm and lock the door.
 10. Take trash can(s) to end of driveway for pickup.

  Thank you, and may God bless you!

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